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- u cant use revelation effectivelyu can't use English correctly ...2011.04.03 07:38:00
- Personally I don't see the "achievement" part in adding skills to your queue and paying a few years ...2011.04.01 04:29:00
- OK,Now I can fly all ships in the game.I have more skills than anybody else.Kyreax on EveboardStill ...2011.03.29 23:31:00
- I'm finally here...And I have every skill in the game trained PLUS one. Neener neener. Kyreax ...2011.01.26 20:18:00
- As to whether Mnemonics was renamed to Biology when drug boosters were introduced, i have no idea. ...2011.01.26 20:16:00
- Thanks everyone... ("cool story bro's" included...)Now I just need some ideas for what the heck to d ...2011.01.23 02:27:00
- Edited by: Kyreax on 22/01/2011 04:22:56 Linkage: Kyreax (on Eveboard)Hopefully it will update by ...2011.01.22 04:15:00
- Hi Chribba,First I'd like to say thanks for this free service. Statistics are great fun.I have a r ...2010.09.03 06:01:00
- There's a couple obvious gaps in your teeth. ...2009.12.16 16:29:00
- truncated content ...2009.12.16 16:15:00
- 23 bil and rising...both of you shoosh. ...2009.12.07 03:26:00
- Congrats on finally taking down the long time leader!But just a while I shall pass you ...2009.12.03 17:42:00
- I would become a reverse pirate. Build yourself a few well equiped PvP ships, and set a course for ...2009.10.18 04:52:00
- Awesome! Thanks for the hard work. Can we get a "best blonde hair" category? I might place in th ...2009.10.18 03:26:00
- Edited by: Kyreax on 14/10/2009 01:53:06 347 skills 70 mil skillpointsheh, looks like we're in the ...2009.10.14 01:48:00

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