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- This seems to be as good a place as any to ask about this:What's the difference between lvl 4 missio ...2006.06.18 15:21:00
- I noticed that energized plating, although not an activated hardener, receives only a 3% resistanc ...2005.12.19 21:26:00
- I'm using:2x 'Malkuth' siege launchers 4 x 'Arbalest' cruise launchers 2x E-500 vampiresGisti C- ...2005.12.01 00:04:00
- It seems to me that the loot drops are better with higher quality agents, too ... I used to do the i ...2005.11.25 20:18:00
- Edited by: Jim Steele on 19/10/2005 15:25:05The Sac is a bit of a let down the bonus to missile laun ...2005.10.21 10:10:00
- Edited by: Mustafa Wilson on 21/09/2005 04:38:54Rofl, you get that implant yet? Did you see the whi ...2005.09.21 04:38:00
- But again, you digress. Perhaps you believe all this means your slaves don't resent you, and actuall ...2005.09.21 04:20:00
- Edited by: Stormfront on 21/09/2005 01:16:35 Funny, I don't remember you ... at all. I certainly do ...2005.09.21 01:56:00
- But you do use it, it seems. By your own admission.I'll bet your slaves resent you for it. They can' ...2005.09.21 00:09:00
- As I said before. People whine to us for considering others "slaves".. when we hardly ever use tha ...2005.09.20 17:58:00
- Only 1 point to make on this, and please undestand its not smack Only 4 of the five`s 7 corps are ac ...2005.09.19 13:08:00
- 20 mill.When's the auction end? ...2005.07.30 17:53:00
- It was a pleasure flying with ITFB.Good luck in your future work. ...2005.07.30 17:50:00
- This would be the loot from the hauler you and Kyle Caldrel ganked last night, yes?Will you be cam ...2005.06.22 18:30:00
- Not fair, I take a vacation for a week and FoE have retracted, /emote takes out frustrations and pod ...2005.04.01 20:52:00

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