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- I don't make many posts in forum, but when I have I think I've been fairly consistent in theme. In a ...2008.08.09 05:25:00
- The fundamental approach to overcoming problems in Eve should almost never be solved by nerfs. Rathe ...2008.05.03 05:21:00
- Armor resists are already typically 10% higher then shield resists to begin with. Using the raven as ...2008.02.09 07:13:00
- History shows us time and time again that no empire born of military conquest can endure forever. Fo ...2008.02.09 05:35:00
- The good: I love the graphics. I use Caldari and Gallente ships and while I like the look of some sh ...2007.12.06 04:20:00
- First of all, if you look at real carriers, they are just about the most versatile weapons platforms ...2007.10.29 00:20:00
- A while back it was mentioned that DNs would be able to participate in lv 5 & 6 missions now we're t ...2007.05.30 16:08:00
- Call me a carebear but I didn't come to Eve to blow up other players. I came because I want to fly ...2007.03.03 06:52:00
- I haven't read this whole thread so please forgive me if I'm repeating what someone said earlier, bu ...2007.02.22 01:54:00

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