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- just got the toon thanks ...2010.12.14 03:19:00
- isk sent 1.5b ...2010.12.13 16:03:00
- 1.5b buyout offer ...2010.12.13 07:20:00
- 1.6b buyout offer ...2010.12.13 06:43:00
- i didnt know they changed the videos but i did enjoy the videos when i first started 3 yrs back or s ...2010.10.27 06:00:00
- if you cant trust your corp mates not to eject your cap ships for a few mins for u to dock up, then ...2010.07.24 11:48:00
- no more than 2 billion i think ...2010.07.24 11:41:00
- yes ivorr ur right the hubs are more fast passed with the penny wars. find you a quieter spot to sta ...2010.06.25 11:02:00
- the answer to your problem is you need to set up market buy orders you may have to pick ur mins up i ...2010.06.25 08:44:00
- heres a good tank i use in 0.0, note if you cant afford the FACTION BOOSTER just use t2. also note t ...2010.01.06 04:55:00
- i wholly support this :) 2 thumbs up ...2009.07.13 15:41:00
- i was just wanting to know how to create a web page in the eve intranet,i've been looking at differn ...2007.10.25 01:18:00

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