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- This group is highly organized, and the strong activity accross multiple games is a definite plus. G ...2011.08.09 13:04:00
- Edited by: Dallenn on 20/07/2011 22:52:04 Well it could be nice if one could teach one's T3 cruiser ...2011.07.20 22:50:00
- One aspect is that you have to walk around the station which introduces a time sink over just clicki ...2011.07.20 12:03:00
- Edited by: Dallenn on 20/07/2011 11:51:41Looking at this recent interview with CCP Soundwave, there' ...2011.07.20 11:51:00
- This could be a nice way to help frigate sized ships. But cruisers don't need any advantage over say ...2011.07.20 08:33:00
- Instantiated battles can weaken established game concepts in Eve (all that non-consensual PvP stuff ...2011.07.20 08:28:00
- BO are already quite powerful, just happily buffing them would make them OP. OK, they are a niche sh ...2011.07.20 08:16:00
- Yep the expressions system in CCC seems to be the greatest of CCP's concrete achievements recently. ...2011.07.20 07:54:00
- Basing it on the gang size would be wrong, because then people just break up the blob into 10 gangs ...2011.07.19 10:31:00
- How much reconfiguration should be allowed? It can have a huge effect on the Eve economy.But the ide ...2011.07.19 10:23:00
- This would need to be limited to nullsec and only select areas of lowsec. Eve is a something-for-eve ...2011.07.18 13:29:00
- Customizable freighter would be cool, as long as it could carry 320k m/3 and not require in special ...2011.07.18 13:13:00
- You could have an increasing docking fee at busy stations. That way it could be at least expensive t ...2011.07.18 12:53:00
- As far as traceable warps, all that would need to be implemented is a 'warp signature' mechanic - ...2011.07.18 12:48:00
- Depends entirely on your taste and talent. Do you plan to run it all in hisec or accept lowsec risks ...2011.07.18 11:05:00

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