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- Amazingly I can say that I live this idea. THough I can say that it doesn't have to be 100% contigu ...2009.03.08 12:37:00
- Edited by: Kitsumi on 08/03/2009 12:12:43 Edited by: Kitsumi on 08/03/2009 12:12:00 Not so much in ...2009.03.08 12:12:00
- EvE, on the other hand, has a free market which the players direct at every possible stage. Traders ...2009.03.08 05:11:00
- Ive never heard of 'unlimited' bandwidth before, that must be one heck of a system they got. *Points ...2009.03.08 04:57:00
- you are much more effective spreading your salvs onto various wrecks wrong Basic math fail.You pu ...2009.03.07 14:08:00
- That's precisely what this game needs: yet another means for the established powers to ease their ab ...2009.03.06 11:10:00
- no fake pvp allowed, IMO This.I'm surprised at the resistance to this. I can think of one good use ...2009.03.06 10:59:00
- Yer but as a cap pilot i dont want it to look like a gay disco bar light show , the way it is atm lo ...2009.03.06 10:41:00
- And I shall call him George and promise to hug him and squeeze him and luv him forever!Decent idea, ...2009.03.06 10:37:00
- On that note, how many of you wanting to "nerf empire", have empire alts feeding you isk so you can ...2009.03.06 10:30:00
- So, IMHO, things that need fixing: - Bounty System - War Dec system - NPC corp restrictions (p ...2009.03.06 09:41:00
- I won't see it as I shop in Rens?And on a slightly different tangent brought up here... Am I the on ...2009.03.03 11:01:00
- Actually, looks much better. One of the things that always got me about the current effect is that ...2009.03.03 10:37:00
- one thing a lot of people seems to be missing about the skill queue is that you can have 71 20 minut ...2009.02.28 04:29:00
- So how is this different from loading from a GSC? Aside from the 15km distance 'twix the two?When y ...2009.02.27 13:43:00

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