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- hahahaha funny how i dont have any trouble with my set up yet people i know with nvidia /intel alway ...2011.06.21 14:51:00
- to all you nvidia suckers out thier i was a voodoo fan nvidia and its dual gpu technology is based o ...2011.06.21 14:45:00
- remeber my last post ,if only i could see into rl future and get 6 straight numbers.last patch fixed ...2011.06.04 06:13:00
- Edited by: OSGOD on 19/05/2011 12:02:03 when are you going to stop lying to our faces and start adr ...2011.05.19 11:55:00
- just another patch to try to keep us happy ,i`ll put money on it that it just ****s up everything as ...2011.05.09 06:43:00
- here is one: how about you fix the ice mining laserss so we arent loosing sheets or cyc ...2011.02.12 11:24:00
- Edited by: OSGOD on 04/11/2010 21:29:46 i cant help myself ,isnt it funny how they brag how good th ...2010.11.04 21:27:00
- when you jump in capital ship all fuel(20k) not the bit over 6k should have been gets taken from fue ...2010.11.02 20:39:00
- no active markers on rats or anyone in space cant find anything in setting to reactivate,another mon ...2010.10.01 06:05:00
- how about you promise to return the primates to the local and ZOO and employ real coders specially a ...2010.10.01 05:40:00
- so the new move was in need of speed well as far as i am concerned all you did was take us back 3 ye ...2010.07.04 08:02:00
- Diezel haha will i get all my SP plus the compensation of ohh say 40 mill sp for the 3 years i have ...2010.07.04 07:57:00
- DRAKE DUKA Sure older players would be butthurt but I don't think they would unsub over as lo ...2010.06.24 23:45:00
- Edited by: OSGOD on 28/05/2010 21:55:02 WH`s got ripped of thier for 130 bucks a year 2 cantsee PI ...2010.05.28 21:54:00
- Edited by: OSGOD on 28/05/2010 21:48:53 may i ask when planets are gonna be reseeded or is everybod ...2010.05.28 21:48:00

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