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- Edited by: Karanth on 14/07/2011 00:07:39 In some systems with a lot of signatures, it can take age ...2011.07.13 23:31:00
- XStation loads much faster now I notice, even compared to before without environment. ...2011.06.29 01:31:00
- Karanth,16,17,30,44,48,51,52,53,64,77,78,79,82,85,110,121,130,143,155,178 ...2010.11.14 08:11:00
- supportin bacon system ...2010.05.24 03:03:00
- Edited by: Wu Marusyn on 21/04/2010 10:06:33 a nice idea as well is to put your cargo in a contrain ...2010.04.21 17:00:00
- Anyone who doesn't suck at drawing (like me) feel like drawing the first 5 symbols? I am having issu ...2010.03.09 04:21:00
- Not sure it's modest by any means but yes do this. ...2010.01.31 11:06:00
- VLOGC picked up one of my courier contracts in Jita and had it delivered quickly. Happy with service ...2009.12.30 05:47:00
- Edited by: Hyperforce99 on 25/12/2009 11:02:21 I'm not sure but they did something with moon minera ...2009.12.25 11:06:00
- I'll explain this in plain simple terms that even a lout like Taikun can explain. Taikun, when you ...2009.12.14 08:30:00
- It doesn't. Salvagers always have a 10 second cycle. Nothing affects that. My Poteque Pharmaceuti ...2009.12.07 06:43:00
- lmao yeah not like anyone predicted this when ccp decided to roll back the mothership changes, no si ...2009.12.07 06:33:00
- Some assembly arrays are decent for storing large volumes of stuff, but hangars are pretty much the ...2009.12.02 20:50:00
- After looking around various regions and gathering a few prices i've noticed something strange.The m ...2009.12.02 20:31:00
- So, didn't have the fortitude to read through the ENTIRE 2 pages of complaining, but can this thread ...2009.12.02 17:07:00

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