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- Will we be getting a learning skill reimbursement on Singularity in advance of the TQ event? Might b ...2010.11.26 14:10:00
- Some of the more mentioned topics in SI and GD, but I didn't see them on the first 6 pages so I figu ...2010.07.22 17:24:00
- Edited by: Vladimir Tinakin on 06/03/2010 08:33:03 Can you deliver? ...2010.03.06 08:32:00
- Supported for chribba love, and veld violencing in Amarr. ...2009.07.20 20:13:00
- Idea sounds pretty good--gives the carrier something to do besides rep towers all day. ...2009.07.20 20:09:00
- Whoa, time flies.Checking out the offers posted now...looking for a nice established group to dive i ...2009.07.16 22:28:00
- If your alt has the orca in his hangar, you can right-click--->open ship maintenance array and take ...2009.07.10 22:35:00
- Hi there, I'm coming back from a 6 month hiatus and sadly found my old corp closed in the interim. ...2009.07.10 19:55:00
- Wow, you're not getting what people are telling you. Tell you what, just to ram home the soul-crushi ...2009.07.09 16:25:00
- So does this mean that capital ships will be getting a dedicated fuel bay? Be really nifty if so... ...2009.06.30 19:49:00
- If there really was a monopoly, the BPO owners would be selling their wares for insane prices. The ...2008.12.30 15:15:00
- Sounds good. 0.0 needs a buff. ...2008.12.29 18:16:00
- Edited by: Vladimir Tinakin on 29/12/2008 18:15:19 Or, keep them separate, and allow search by item ...2008.12.29 18:15:00
- T2 BPOs are fine as-is.Do they offer advantages over invented BPCs? Sure. You use less material and ...2008.12.29 18:11:00
- Edited by: Vladimir Tinakin on 11/12/2008 20:08:10 T2 moon miners, if they work as previously descr ...2008.12.11 20:08:00

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