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- Edited by: Pandora Panda on 24/01/2005 15:35:19 I am a web designer and they didn't force me to do ...2005.01.24 15:33:00
- even the most computer illiterate hillbilly from the Appalachian mountains could be every bit as acc ...2005.01.23 19:15:00
- Edited by: Pandora Panda on 23/01/2005 19:03:41 "Or get a real browser, like firefox."You mean that ...2005.01.23 18:53:00
- firefox has a much better cache system than IE6.It causes its own problems though (unreasonably high ...2005.01.23 16:53:00
- Other MMORPG have been able to create an environment where players were learning by doing without an ...2005.01.18 21:06:00
- I killed an ibis once.It was awesome.I should have posted a bragging thread on the forums about my l ...2005.01.18 01:18:00
- The prophecy (BC) gets slower in warp, and turns around slower then a Battleship. For a cruiser this ...2005.01.18 01:14:00
- I have on WCS and a repeating multi sensor booster in the lows. Should I ditch the sensor booster fo ...2005.01.18 01:12:00
- It would be cool if a micro-galaxy was added above the ecliptic plane of the EVE galaxy. Connect it ...2005.01.18 00:42:00
- Flavor of the Month is partially avoided in EVE by disallowing people to respec their characters. I ...2005.01.18 00:38:00
- Equip 2 Warp Core Stabelizers in your lowslots, and use a 10mn MWD, webber, shield booster, and cap ...2005.01.18 00:36:00
- When people started ganging random people in empire to shoot them. ...2005.01.18 00:33:00
- Industry (and trade before it got nerfed) were specialties that required player skill to be good at. ...2005.01.18 00:29:00
- Edited by: Pandora Panda on 18/01/2005 00:26:10 My money for richest corp would be DreamSmiths, if ...2005.01.18 00:25:00
- Edited by: Pandora Panda on 17/01/2005 01:41:03 BoB and Force of Evil definately do, and whoever is ...2005.01.17 01:41:00

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