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- Mine... Damage Control II Ballistic Control System IICoreli C-Type 1MN Afterburner Faint Epsilon ...2011.08.15 14:13:00
- actually the phantasm is not that bad. It could use a little tweek here and there but in the whole ...2011.07.20 10:58:00
- damn! nice ships. Those stats are insane!!! free bump ...2011.07.19 11:06:00
- dunno if it was just my lappy but i had issues playing this. It seemed to jump and go rather blocky ...2011.07.14 10:46:00
- so i been playing with EFT (waits for groans) and came up with this. It looks good. Whether it is i ...2011.07.08 12:11:00
- I suppose I should elaborate a little. While I said I am not mega rich, I have a reasonably steady ...2011.07.07 10:02:00
- Serious post so only helpful serious answers appreciated.Ok so i am working on a project. I bought ...2011.07.07 08:53:00
- i do love the maller. I have always liked using small guns on it to deal with frigs. tried this, w ...2011.06.28 08:59:00
- concept is nice. Its not gonna be cheap to get great performance tho. Also DONT sit still with an a ...2011.06.27 09:49:00
- Edited by: Loken Therakir on 21/06/2011 15:52:48The point,is that it very well could be against the ...2011.06.21 23:01:00
- all this talk about police, lawyers and gambling fraud. Next they will be added theft to the mix! ...2011.06.21 15:43:00
- 2 faction fit tengu's over the course of a week. Both due to GF agro. aprox 3bil in total and almos ...2011.06.20 14:16:00
- Disqualifying people for using multiple teams caught "meta gaming" (exploiting the rules) their way ...2011.06.19 21:57:00
- Hydra Reloaded ...2011.06.19 21:09:00
- outbreak ...2011.06.18 20:03:00

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