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- what is this larkonisgate thing? back from when apoc came out and gates went ******ed? I didn't pay ...2010.07.07 18:23:00
- Some people get to keep their char when they work for CCP.Like this one. ...2010.05.19 20:41:00
- YESS!!! Oh man, but:*drak ...2010.05.11 03:20:00
- Happy Birthday to us!!! ...2010.04.19 13:55:00
- We've altered our plan addressing various concerns that you all voiced here in a reasonable manner. ...2010.04.14 18:57:00
- I am amazed!!! Very very nice.Hope you can make a part 2, Amarr vs Gallente. ...2010.03.28 19:31:00
- As requested in the previous thread, and not mentioned in this dev blog: can alliances set standing ...2010.03.22 14:09:00
- Edited by: Tippia on 12/03/2010 21:03:04 Meh… all this does is slightly reduce the ISK volume comin ...2010.03.12 21:09:00
- Will it show % of total damage done in an engagement for an individual pilot? And not just the numb ...2010.03.04 20:58:00
- Congrats!!Massive props. ...2010.03.02 16:46:00
- Paxton was neutral, until UK started to shoot them. "If you're not with us, you're most likely a spy ...2010.02.26 16:34:00
- To bitter dog; if we capture all their base, where will i farm noobs? Well, if you cast your mind ...2010.02.26 16:01:00
- The side effect now is that we don't have a single Dev who is actively playing Eve. So CCP either re ...2010.01.28 18:30:00
- Congratulations!! ...2010.01.14 16:37:00
- May I add the Pilgrim? The only recon without a range bonus.Blackops could also use a small boost, m ...2010.01.08 21:22:00

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