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- Edited by: Hoozin on 13/09/2007 21:00:18 Maybe a 12,5% increase in ECM-strength per level instead o ...2007.09.13 20:57:00
- It's not like our ships are made of Indestructite or anything.I am totally not interested in where I ...2006.09.14 16:20:00
- who are you?They are from many different countries, apparently live happily together in the same hou ...2006.09.13 16:39:00
- Autoreject is your friend.More importantly, they can ransom the freighter, even if it isn't going to ...2006.08.16 17:15:00
- Wish I had seen this thread before dinner. I wouldn't have cooked the salmon.Said it in-game, but, ...2006.07.27 00:09:00
- Edited by: Hoozin on 25/07/2006 22:45:20 ***Being that I have only recently left ASCN, alliance ans ...2006.07.25 08:19:00
- Edited by: Hoozin on 10/07/2006 05:59:42 This thread is making me all warm and fuzzy.P.S. - Kaemonn ...2006.07.10 05:46:00
- Friendly Banter. Good. Smacktalk. Bad.Can be hard to see the difference as a third party sometime ...2006.07.08 18:41:00
- That said, they're her threads to do with as she pleases. Hmmmm... pleasing her... Anyway...seleene ...2006.06.08 07:23:00
- While I'm probably the only one that will find absolutely nothing disturbing about any of that, I do ...2006.06.08 07:18:00
- Well, tbpfh I get unbelievably annoyed when Seleene asks to have one of her threads locked, esp. whe ...2006.06.08 03:14:00
- Man i hate to see our dirty washing hung out to dry for all to see... yes this war is inconvenient t ...2006.06.07 08:23:00
- woo trakh rocks and yay i got a new sig ohh and about this topic wars ftw!!! On that note, those ar ...2006.06.06 17:54:00

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