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- DONT PANIC!!!! Obama has a plan to save you iceland! ...2009.01.26 18:18:00
- So, I don't care if someone salvages the wrecks but they should ask first and get my consent.No, tha ...2009.01.17 14:52:00
- Agreed. its BOMB, it JOB is to explode.. Shouldnt matter if the launchers still alive imo.Only thing ...2009.01.12 16:46:00
- It would be nice to know what you intend to do with the bots idea .it would be nice if you could mak ...2009.01.12 14:31:00
- Would make the class more fun. :D LOOL i got it. Good one........Keep the day job! ...2009.01.04 15:09:00
- Not a high priority. BUTTTT! I like it! ...2009.01.03 04:11:00
- The server is looking awesome without the people in it.and thanks god i had a bob account, so i can ...2008.12.28 13:08:00
- I like the ideas. But there has tobe something more to station walking then just walking and going i ...2008.12.23 17:35:00
- How do you steal something that doesn't belong to anyone? EXACTLY! OP Learn what salvage is. Wikipe ...2008.12.21 18:52:00
- The decriptor for a Retriever Mining Barge specifically states that it is possible to fit Strip Mine ...2008.12.21 17:42:00
- add snowball BOMBs for xmas plz :) nah a Cristmas tree Bomb. ...2008.12.21 17:27:00
- My torpedoes dont even go 20km anymore. How dare CCP nerf missiles and make it impossible for caldar ...2008.12.21 17:25:00
- You only need to worry about cost when you screw up and die. I've lost 3 Manticores out of some 180 ...2008.12.21 14:39:00
- Edited by: Javelin6 on 20/12/2008 18:05:48 TBH...none.I fly the Hound, A LOT and I can not justify ...2008.12.20 19:18:00
- What ones Would you Sudgest/Use? Why? ...2008.12.20 16:51:00

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