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- HINT: The troll ain't gonna work on your main ...2011.08.16 16:41:00
- Hi all, I am fortunate to have found a pretty good alliance to rent from (Legion of xXDeathXx) the ...2011.08.09 22:45:00
- I think CCP need to look at making aspects of incarna 'M' rated. I have no idea whether this has bee ...2011.08.07 12:06:00
- Burberry cap... check. 'Prison White' trainers... check. 15 kids pumped out like a string of sausage ...2011.06.29 15:48:00
- You want to raise the tax rate on stupidity? Supported! ...2011.06.29 11:22:00
- Among the various failures that CCP has been accused of lately there is one that stands out for me.. ...2011.06.27 12:04:00
- Bloody-mindedness V ...2010.11.02 15:55:00
- Edited by: Sweet Trader on 08/09/2007 14:56:00 If Ash is unavailable you can also contact me or any ...2007.08.22 11:03:00
- Reinstall fixed it. ...2006.08.11 15:46:00
- I'm wondering whether it is a font size issue, that changing the size somehow bugged it and now it w ...2006.08.11 14:02:00
- I have previously used drones, have the necessary skills, drones in the bay etc but the drop down me ...2006.08.11 13:17:00
- So if you are in the same Corp CONCORD wont react? Okay... that's all I needed to know. ...2006.08.05 16:22:00
- The other day a rookie friend of mine I was ganged with was randomly slain by CONCORD (costing over ...2006.08.05 16:11:00

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