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- Edited by: Moridrex on 19/12/2008 15:28:59 Confirming OP's CEO is a nubbins.Orca works fine for me ...2008.12.19 15:28:00
- Has the CPU on the Hulk changed since the guide was written or am I doing something wrong? 1. You ...2008.11.20 20:07:00
- They are changing how missiles work read the dev blogs.Will do.Sorry, reactivated my acct yesterday ...2008.11.06 17:06:00
- Also with the raven nerf, you will see less items dumped on market from farmer ravens in hi sec. Th ...2008.11.06 16:49:00
- Not sure why one would need scripting and such, unless some hidden desire to be able to cheat even m ...2008.05.23 20:39:00
- I don't like a game where you have to learn to script to be able to play well.Thumbs down.The idea i ...2008.05.22 20:24:00
- Full love and support. I feel Goons, especially after Jihadswarm, should not be allowed to near game ...2008.05.22 16:13:00
- I think the UI is long overdue for mass love. The little tid-bits CCP throws it every once in a whil ...2008.05.22 16:00:00
- While I see the issue, how would blocking your own cap ships jumping into the system stop you from s ...2008.05.22 15:50:00
- Voting for loss of insurance to people who get concordokken, and transferable killrights for the gan ...2008.05.22 15:40:00
- And congrats on making the council! Very glad to see that! (and of course all 5 or however many peop ...2008.05.21 19:03:00

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