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- The IV is faster and aligns much quicker than the III. My take from a rationalization point of view ...2006.05.29 22:33:00
- Last code sold. ...2006.05.26 02:15:00
- Still one time code left. ...2006.05.26 00:34:00
- Edited by: Basalt on 26/05/2006 02:15:02 Out of codes. ...2006.05.25 02:27:00
- The GM doesn't care about the can of veld. Jetcans are for garbage and jetcan mining is an exploit. ...2006.03.14 19:25:00
- It's real. I've seen that sign in game before. ...2006.02.22 22:49:00
- Edited by: Basalt on 16/02/2006 23:42:39 Obviously the Harpy is the exception, I should have allowe ...2006.02.16 23:38:00
- There are a few problems with the Ares.First, you suggested that the Ares be set up for long distanc ...2006.02.16 23:26:00
- Sure, but then why didn't they attack the Iteron? I have trouble believeing that these guys just sit ...2006.02.14 03:39:00
- Edited by: Basalt on 13/02/2006 23:40:06 The thing is that I was nowhere near the warp in point. Th ...2006.02.13 23:38:00
- I had a really confusing encounter yesterday to do with an ore thief.I was Ice mining in my covetor ...2006.02.13 23:24:00
- Ravebomb, did I mention that you;re a machine?Great work guys. :)Basalt ...2006.02.13 19:01:00
- The Retriever is almost exactly equal, in mining output, to the best possible mining BS setup so tha ...2006.02.02 22:43:00
- There aren't many absolutes in this game but if I were you I'd go with a Scythe next. It's the obvio ...2006.01.30 16:53:00
- No offense man but you sound like my boss except you forgot to add the "Mmmmkay" at the end. Wouldn' ...2006.01.26 18:52:00

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