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- How can you be leader of the gang if you cannot open door?/insidejokeInsert shower joke and then b ...2009.06.24 23:58:00
- Congrats to Kil2 & Crovan, Looking forward to having you boys in TV again, and congrats & good luck ...2009.06.24 18:47:00
- Am I the first person to comment on the interesting graphs?Oh rite, thats not what this blog was abo ...2009.06.18 08:58:00
- With any luck we will have another alliance tournament, at that point I suggest you signup to fight ...2009.05.19 14:05:00
- I have been informed that one of the regulars, Treebeard dk, will be around.Balloon sculpture **** h ...2009.05.19 09:53:00
- Goth girls & rock chics are the best.But given the number of female avatars in EVE, good luck findin ...2009.05.19 09:41:00
- Multitasking 4tl, collegue just came back with a new scan without half the info cutoff. Time to blo ...2009.05.19 09:29:00
- Edited by: DJTheBaron on 19/05/2009 09:28:07 A collegue of mine just dumped a scan on my desk from ...2009.05.19 09:26:00
- hmmmmms, i'll have to consult the bank manager in June, with any luck they'll go insolvent and take ...2009.05.18 14:20:00
- Edited by: DJTheBaron on 08/05/2009 13:19:37 for dps at mid range, the only option is mega pulseapo ...2009.05.08 13:18:00
- years ago i remember you could right click approach a gangmate in gang chat, if this is still the ca ...2009.05.08 13:08:00
- You fit a cloak, so you can get close to your target.You fit a scrambler so the target hopefully can ...2009.05.08 09:38:00
- Edited by: DJTheBaron on 07/05/2009 11:09:49 The benefit is that you can train hybrid weapons 5 and ...2009.05.07 11:08:00
- Edited by: DJTheBaron on 06/05/2009 12:23:30 I has +4's in and have mem and intel hicked maxxed out ...2009.05.06 12:16:00
- if you know some well deserving griefer corp that needs to be spanked hard, lets us know!Finfleet de ...2009.05.06 11:42:00

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