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- You can also turn in criminal dog tags to data centers. The Caldari State Data Center in Kamokor tak ...2010.12.14 10:32:00
- I just upgraded to the Raven after running L4s in a Drake for a long time. The Raven is supposed to ...2010.05.28 06:01:00
- I solo this mission all the time in my Drake, although the Serpentis base usually gives me problems. ...2010.05.28 05:32:00
- I don't know much about Amarr or Minmatar battleships, but I do know you can't go wrong with a Drake ...2010.05.28 01:00:00
- We attack everybody we see in W-Space, if they leave valuables laying around after then we take it.I ...2010.04.03 19:16:00
- did we kill you in wormhole space? and now your butthurt? post on your main so i can look up the KM. ...2010.04.03 19:10:00
- Edited by: Parzifal on 03/04/2010 14:55:41 Edited by: Parzifal on 03/04/2010 14:45:12 Attacking de ...2010.04.03 14:41:00
- You guys need to correct your advert, since you do engage in piracy. ...2010.04.02 21:33:00
- Eve is the only online game I've played where bad behavior among players is not only tolerated but e ...2010.01.18 15:24:00
- It would be interesting if CCP added raids, such as they have in World of Warcraft. I don't think it ...2010.01.17 23:20:00
- Thanks for the replies, folks. I went ahead and did a Level 4 mission and I'm glad it was an easy on ...2010.01.15 04:20:00
- For Level 1 - 3 missions a frigate such as a Heron is a viable choice. Equipped with speed modules, ...2010.01.13 23:19:00
- I'd like to start running Level 4 missions in my Drake. I know what fit to use, but how high do my c ...2010.01.13 22:55:00
- Speculation also has much to do with hulk prices. I know a guy who bought all the hulks on the marke ...2010.01.13 20:35:00

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