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- bump.Have had some in game discussions with people but as of now the WH is still available. ...2011.08.30 23:13:00
- bump, and adding link to wormnav since judging from evemails ive received people cant seem to find i ...2011.08.29 18:51:00
- bump ...2011.08.28 17:49:00
- Edited by: xenodia on 29/08/2011 18:52:13 As the title says, we have for sale a Class 2 wormhole wi ...2011.08.28 00:35:00
- 3.5b? minimum? wow... Apparently I'm in the wrong line of work.Nice to see a merc corp publicly answ ...2011.08.25 16:55:00
- Got the Question for the More Experienced.With all the Merc Threads, where every person and his Al ...2011.08.25 16:48:00
- Hi.Recently when I just got into level 3s with a Harbinger I prevailed, but now I have been forced t ...2011.08.25 16:41:00
- Obsidian I'm not a beta player. I've only been around a few years and was suprised to find a now ...2011.08.25 16:39:00
- On a weird note, I had an in-game acquaintance pay me twice the going rate for a Daredevil with Larg ...2011.08.25 16:32:00
- Hey folks. Currently, I'm running around in a Caracal working on lvl 2s. My standings will be high e ...2011.08.24 15:42:00
- Is it even feasible?It seems that even in a maxed out BC you are looking at around 50 jumps to go ov ...2011.08.24 15:32:00
- I've been searching for a W-system to set up a pos in and live in for just under 2 weeks now, scanni ...2011.08.24 15:27:00
- No, I don't have proof, but I am a believer of the constellation theory. That each wormhole constel ...2011.08.24 15:24:00
- Right, here's my issue, working in 0.0 space with the natural traffic you find out there, and 90% of ...2011.08.23 18:51:00
- I can fly all 4 T3s. I currently own all but the Loki, but I frequently fly with multiple lokis. I w ...2011.08.23 18:40:00

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