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- I wonder. Did you vote for the CSM ever ? ...2011.07.13 15:14:00
- I'm just wondering why CCP is introducing vanety items already? The only place you can see these it ...2011.06.25 12:31:00
- Some one mentioned Extractors, processors and command centers not showing on planets.??? Can't dele ...2011.06.03 15:39:00
- hmm i have a bigger problem i'm missing a couple of processor and lanchpad icons on some of my plane ...2011.05.31 20:23:00
- NO ...2011.05.30 14:10:00
- Well i didn't know about that thanks for the tip, But you can't change your speciffic overview tabs ...2010.09.05 08:50:00
- I don't know if it's ever been brought up, but would love the option of doing overview settings and ...2010.08.26 14:51:00
- What ever you gonna train start with the learning skills first and get the basics to 5(including lea ...2010.06.26 07:44:00
- HiMy corp is an empire production corp. 1 of the activities is selling BPC packs (for example cald ...2009.10.05 09:48:00

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