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- It turns out that a typical mid-sized US Government contract requires enough paperwork to fill an en ...2010.12.08 06:57:00
- Doesnt show they get the most kills either. Someone needs to learn a thing or two about statistics ...2010.11.13 00:52:00
- Nope, what is a final blow? - you get the final blow when target's HP is less then your alpha when ...2010.11.13 00:47:00
- Pirating is always going to be a losing proposition, simply because they don't create anything in ga ...2010.11.13 00:37:00
- Im sorry, but this system influence stuff is bs especially in 0.0 space where people may have to dea ...2010.11.11 01:34:00
- What if I hate mission runners?Can I fleet up--kill all but one sansha ship...Then EPIC--we add 20 R ...2010.11.11 01:18:00
- Incursions and freezing mission activities: we prefer to encourage capsuleers to make hard decisio ...2010.11.11 01:06:00
- To address some good concerns: Incursions and Sansha infested space: they will not appear in Stain, ...2010.11.11 00:55:00
- From the way this is set up you cannot not participate. If the Sanshas invade, you're stuck unti ...2010.11.11 00:40:00
- Edited by: Harry Voyager on 10/11/2010 19:11:57 you neanderthal, Unnecessary. Forcing people to par ...2010.11.10 19:04:00
- So I seem to have ended up with around 30k, and apparently with the current system, loyalty points o ...2010.11.08 05:51:00
- Edited by: Harry Voyager on 29/10/2010 03:06:25 I'd take the varg over a loki.... hell I'd take alm ...2010.10.29 03:04:00
- Edited by: Tore Smith on 28/10/2010 08:57:08I never need more than a 450 dps rat specific tank. Ever ...2010.10.28 14:09:00
- I've run level 4's in a harbinger.What sort of fit? ...2010.10.28 06:30:00
- Edited by: Harry Voyager on 28/10/2010 06:16:32 Edited by: Harry Voyager on 28/10/2010 05:08:23 Ed ...2010.10.28 04:37:00

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