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- As one of Karnov's corpies I do know the inside story on this. Without getting into specifics and/or ...2010.05.24 13:07:00
- Looking to borrow a Wyvern on SisiPlease drop me a line on TQThx much ...2010.05.08 07:17:00
- Do you guys accept only cheap pilots like me, I will only fly frigates. I prefer to horde the gems a ...2009.07.12 23:48:00
- I'd be interested and I'm sure I xould drag several of my friends who also play we are all local Tor ...2007.11.17 07:05:00
- I am fairly new to the covert ops ships as I usually fly stuff much bigger Any info on configuratio ...2006.08.06 05:02:00
- Ummmm as above tbh jamming on missions is a waste of time... as for Caldari ships... damn they are t ...2005.05.22 23:28:00

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