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- Drone durability skill doesn't works. See bug report 115438 ...2011.08.10 10:13:00
- Freelancer'Spb,12,32,35,77,98,108,162 ...2011.07.30 03:40:00
- PC Client Ship HUD(speed) still freezes after some jumps. ...2011.06.28 19:27:00
- Thanks CCP for the tournament! Also our respect for opponents, especially PL and Outbreaks/Hydra, s ...2011.06.20 08:55:00
- 2 points for t1 frigate and 11(or 10) points for HACs if we want to see these ships in the tournamen ...2011.06.14 14:08:00
- Rofl the beginning of the tournament this year will be much more entertaining than boring finals ...2011.06.08 10:44:00
- I am getting the ghosting after leaving the character creator or sitting on the sofa. This is happen ...2011.06.03 10:24:00
- Good news. Imo it's better to nerf all jumpbridges including titans, maybe later. ...2011.05.10 20:53:00
- Feedback on ui: New fleet window takes half of the screen in width, and it isn't resizable Please ...2011.05.10 15:46:00
- +1 Check please again. Navy cap boosters were allowed and widely used last year ...2011.05.05 12:18:00
- “Wouldn’t it be really funny if that Dominix pilot got sent home before the match started??” No it ...2011.04.10 07:53:00
- The order of options in right click menus has been changed and grouped to make it more consistent. T ...2010.12.06 22:25:00
- Signed. It's a shame that so long known damage recieved bug hasn't fixed yet. ...2010.01.22 15:04:00
- Reform Death or Glory alliance those were the days, probably the most fun alliance from my time arou ...2009.10.21 13:07:00
- /signed I don't think that so little % of people on tranquility who use scanner in pvp can cause bi ...2009.08.31 19:40:00

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