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- Happy Birthday Alex and co. ...2011.01.21 11:54:00
- Most of the people involved in that Nip represent everything the so called free captains claim to fi ...2010.11.12 14:13:00
- Well since your fighting the same people we are fighting and since your also seeking to return the a ...2010.10.27 15:47:00
- At last we have it from the horses mouth,instead of bringing freedom and liberating the opressed you ...2010.10.26 15:19:00
- Edited by: Flashh Gorden on 20/10/2010 14:38:50 Wow this is a terrible thread. Provi 2.0 was a fun ...2010.10.20 14:32:00
- Your rhetoric is so very tired. Don't you have anyone else to cry about?I could not of summed you gu ...2010.10.19 15:14:00
- Edited by: Flashh Gorden on 19/10/2010 12:43:29 Are you ******ed or just absent minded? You claim t ...2010.10.19 12:40:00
- Even now you are still living in dreamland. You never achieved anyting but your own demise. You wer ...2010.10.14 21:07:00
- People might be a little uneasy about bying a super cap from people who would hotdrop thier own moth ...2010.10.13 06:22:00
- What you need to remember is they will not attack unless they think they can win. So when one undoc ...2010.10.07 15:46:00
- How many people here have never lost their temper playing an online game? Everybody I know loses it ...2010.09.24 13:30:00
- Alot of sheep in eve will only fly what the leet pvp crew fly. A year or so ago it was all about the ...2010.09.23 12:24:00
- Hello I would like to hear peoples views on the absolution pvp tank. So basicly active tank or buff ...2010.09.22 10:33:00
- You did not regain your space it was given too you. Its a major hypocracy that you rave on about fr ...2010.09.17 08:03:00
- Caldari Navy XL Booster the T2 one requires way to much CPU. 2 x Boost amplifiers. The rest of the ...2010.09.17 07:44:00

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