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- If it was just tonight, I wouldn't mention it. It's been going on for at least a week now, if not l ...2009.04.14 03:53:00
- What's the deal? The first few pages load up quickly. After that, I'm apparently on a dial up conn ...2009.04.14 03:28:00
- CurrentlyIntelligence 19 Memory 15 Perception 17 Willpower 26 Charisma 11 (In case this hel ...2009.03.14 18:58:00
- Anyone know how to actually make the changes. Keeps saying one is to low but Im above the base on a ...2009.03.14 15:28:00
- Downloaded Miner's Guide and looked at the recommendations on attribute spreadCurrentlyIntelligence ...2009.03.14 06:02:00
- You may not use macros or other stored rapid keystrokes or other patterns of play that facilitate ac ...2009.03.14 03:42:00
- Thanks. I'll stop raping the baby rocks then :) ...2009.03.13 23:11:00
- So the roids come back during downtime (don't remember this happening way back in the day, but could ...2009.03.13 22:58:00
- I'm getting The EVE cluster has reached its maximum user limit. Please try logging in again later. ...2009.03.11 15:46:00
- Edited by: JadalofOblivion on 21/09/2007 21:15:24 Montaire,Excellent posts bro. It's a shame they ...2007.09.21 21:10:00
- Very constructive thread. GJ ...2007.09.16 22:10:00
- Edited by: An Anarchyyt on 02/09/2007 05:26:06 No what sucks is, it is their game and they dont kno ...2007.09.02 05:39:00
- No what sucks is, it is their game and they dont know what the hell is wrong with it.grade "A" weaks ...2007.09.02 05:12:00
- good, im pentitioning you for slandering. If you dont know the meaning of a word, it's best not to ...2007.09.01 21:36:00
- Honestly, this is my last post in this thread. After the fight last night, I told Siren that I was g ...2007.08.24 18:35:00

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