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- while at the same time keeping the entry fee's paid on tranq.This is kinda no-no.what makes it a no- ...2009.07.21 03:58:00
- Edited by: violator2k5 on 21/07/2009 03:06:38 in all honesty it could work but i would change the s ...2009.07.21 03:03:00
- from looking at the rules i can see that they are far to limiting.the use of either a logistical shi ...2009.07.21 02:13:00
- your idea does sound ok, its just to much i guess. It would be easy for macros to exploit plus its t ...2009.07.12 19:00:00
- cause apparently i have a massive tool and hege was just a really nice guy. bah he must of been jea ...2009.07.06 09:43:00
- Edited by: violator2k5 on 23/06/2009 01:10:18 TANG ALLIANCEWe are interviewing applicant corps that ...2009.06.22 22:25:00
- The wording you chose to use makes me think your a dev.Fact is we do pay CCP; without customers pl ...2009.05.23 03:50:00
- The issue is a timing-related race condition that is very difficult to reproduce. In our testing, w ...2009.05.23 01:58:00
- They've been replaced yesterday, fool! fool? 0.oyou sound bitter, would you care to post with your ...2009.05.13 20:13:00
- im curious did those carriers and the self distructed dreads get replaced yet?? ...2009.05.13 19:50:00
- obviously CCP has their own team of beta testers which probably run on semi decent/decent systems ye ...2008.05.23 22:41:00
- Unfortunately it looks like the issues with Realtek HD soundcards has resurfaced.i too am having the ...2008.05.23 15:11:00
- Edited by: violator2k5 on 25/04/2008 01:57:06 firstly congrats to both tri and insurg on a nice kil ...2008.04.25 01:52:00

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