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- lol ccp would need a server farm as big as boeing's factory in the usa to handle 12 million players ...2010.11.02 23:14:00
- "The company has grabbed about a third of that market, which is worth $1.6 billion this year "How is ...2010.11.02 22:57:00
- I absolutely love my cerberus, I can solo basically all level 4s with it and its a great GREAT small ...2010.11.02 22:45:00
- One time in a small mission corp of about 60 people, about 15 of us logged in to find we had been ki ...2010.11.02 22:39:00
- It's talking about local ISPs tapping into bells data streams and paying per gigabyte, isntead of on ...2010.11.02 22:37:00
- I'll just answer the questions...Agent missions: About 15m/hr at the top, with a major reward every ...2010.11.02 01:59:00
- Edited by: Benglada on 29/12/2009 13:51:30 Posting to confirm railguns suck.Edit : Medium rails are ...2009.12.29 13:49:00
- Wow, i'm thinking Benglada (as a char) and some of the questions are freaky."Is your char bad?" Yes ...2009.12.23 06:11:00
- Check back with us when you've lost 20 frigates. Truth. i died a LOT before i had ANY clue ...2009.12.11 10:58:00
- I love mechwarrior 4 mercs but i hated the multiplayer. people would just jumpjet a tiny bit over a ...2009.11.16 03:35:00
- Do we really want the console crowd here? ...2009.07.02 17:16:00
- I have an important billing issue in petition, and my account will be running out very soon and i ne ...2009.07.02 17:11:00
- Yea cpu seems likely ...2009.07.01 13:09:00
- Edited by: Benglada on 01/07/2009 13:11:40 Edit: Damned new topic button placement. ...2009.07.01 13:02:00
- I dont want to go through all the trouble of setting up eft, such as inputting all my skills..... ...2009.07.01 12:55:00

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