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- 1st a big thanks for the hard work But yaa i have to say also,please change it to A4 ...2011.02.02 09:47:00
- I would stick whit your raven for a while longer, no point spending all that isk on a Tengu.If you c ...2011.01.25 15:18:00
- Stay cloaked and when somebody gets pwnd, decloak and get his loot ...2011.01.25 14:59:00
- Although it can be good and bad i will have to vote No for the greater good of this community ...2010.10.07 12:07:00
- They can be good and bad..If CCP allowed 50 % boost in training time for a month for say 14Ģ,obvious ...2010.10.07 12:00:00
- I say go for it...Maybe you get ganked at some point, and maybe you donīt...You will however be more ...2010.10.05 12:02:00
- Not sure if its just a graphical glitch..But the wallet shows wrong numbers for bounty's, so that ne ...2010.10.01 20:14:00
- ok, it will be mainly used for missions. Don't wanna lose it inside wh. Will consider all, checked l ...2010.10.01 13:20:00
- This should be Sticky Wonderful job that will help both vets and new players ...2010.09.17 08:30:00
- Although they can be a pain to train up,they do make sense.Just like irl you have to learn to put 2+ ...2009.02.26 12:12:00
- Edited by: Zaldoza on 25/02/2009 19:30:19 A Special DeliveryForty units of collosal sealed cargo co ...2009.02.25 19:29:00
- Gm told me to get a ship whit proper cargo space,i guess they want us to train for freighters now..A ...2009.02.25 16:49:00
- Edited by: Zaldoza on 25/02/2009 16:27:16 Yes exactly Administration is 0% mining missions,yet i ju ...2009.02.25 16:32:00
- Edited by: Zaldoza on 25/02/2009 16:29:36 Edited by: Zaldoza on 25/02/2009 16:27:16 Yes exactly Ad ...2009.02.25 16:25:00
- Did you change the mission system in some way,because Administration agents is suddenly giving Minin ...2009.02.25 16:09:00

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