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- Keep crankin these out! Thread after thread. LOOK AT ME! GUYS! LOOK! I paid for something I dont tec ...2011.06.29 06:05:00
- If you've ever worked retail or any job where you were constant contact with customers, this very sc ...2011.06.27 11:48:00
- Edited by: Sami Xira on 24/06/2011 01:47:20 2 accounts (been playing since 2007).I have STOPPED buy ...2011.06.24 01:44:00
- Live! ...2011.06.21 23:03:00
- Try tama in the black rise region for a fight there are always people in there. Tama is death. To ...2011.06.21 12:54:00
- This has to do with when to keep a low sig and when to use high transversal. For instance Cruiser vs ...2011.06.21 12:50:00
- It works just like real life. If you have a bunch of construction workers they aren't making much m ...2011.06.13 05:46:00
- So I am confused about this profession. Perhaps that's why it intrigues me so much.Bottom line is, I ...2011.06.13 04:51:00

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