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- Hello.I like the principle. A lot.I recently returned to the game after over 4 years away time, a bi ...2011.04.18 13:28:00
- LOL ...2005.02.26 07:00:00
- Hi galls and boysFunny to see so many Xetic here are whining about log off tactics. Very funny.This ...2005.01.23 20:03:00
- Edited by: Mencar on 27/08/2004 12:50:36 Well,limiting missile types to ship type could be an idea, ...2004.08.27 12:46:00
- On the note of countermesures vs Turrets: countering turrets takes up med slots, countering missile ...2004.08.21 11:49:00
- Why is the MWD-modifier included twice in the calculated damage ? Once for Signature Radius, and o ...2004.08.20 12:20:00
- Atm large missiles are ubber vs smaller targets and this will hopefully change. Man... Large Mis ...2004.08.20 12:06:00
- Now, if the missile 100% hit at 100% damage is allowed to remain, then I want tracking to work reg ...2004.08.18 11:58:00

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