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- awwww... you really deserve each other ...2011.07.02 11:33:00
- Monocle Overlords supports this message. ...2011.06.29 20:46:00
- I should turn off bs-filter from my monocle, I can't see OP ...2011.06.29 10:17:00
- Almost all of the Monocle Overlords CEO's have monocle (only our slavecorps are poor). So you can ad ...2011.06.28 09:56:00
- Problem is not that unsubscribing is too hard, the real problem is that subscribing is too easy. Thr ...2011.06.28 09:41:00
- This hunt is pointless if none of the Monocle Overlords are not on the list. ...2011.06.27 19:30:00
- On a behalf of Monocle Overlords I say this is a splendid idea. ...2011.06.27 16:03:00
- I bought monocle for my cyno alt, waiting for goggles to come to NEX for this character. Hopefully t ...2011.06.26 11:13:00
- Monocle Overlords cant support this kind of action. We cant let the ideas of poor people to restrain ...2011.06.25 14:55:00
- Yes pls ban us all.oh and watch how quickly this game collapses and we all go somewhere else with ou ...2011.06.24 21:48:00
- Having to choose between the lesser of two evils, I welcome our new non-vanity NEX overlords.Monocle ...2011.06.24 20:47:00
- I just activated 3 new accounts.(ಠ_ృ) ...2011.06.24 15:25:00
- The concept is pretty simple. CCP prides itself on the strong and interesting communities EVE has cr ...2011.06.23 15:59:00
- Edited by: Rail Gun on 23/06/2011 15:46:45 Gratz from Monocle Overlords ...2011.06.23 15:46:00
- Monocle Overlords support this message. ...2011.06.23 15:29:00

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