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- The solution would probably be to convince CCP to allow outpost construction in wormhole space. ...2010.10.06 21:19:00
- make supers use their own special super cyno that takes 30 seconds or somthing before it opens the b ...2010.09.26 00:07:00
- Eve gate is in beta and using the singularity test server mirror. You will get access to it next tim ...2010.03.25 13:17:00
- When CCP introduced T2 ships, I presume taht they introduced moon goo (this was before I started pla ...2010.03.11 12:44:00
- I'm more concerned, how they explain ME research on exotic dancers and the likeThat's an easy one "M ...2010.03.08 17:21:00
- What kind of resources and what will we build with them? I do not see what kind of stuff currently i ...2010.02.19 19:02:00
- Drink every time you'r mining laser cycles.. ...2010.02.19 15:46:00
- yes, the IP list was those that had referals from **********'s site. But a guy who happens to read t ...2009.09.24 18:40:00
- That is the problem , what is leaked does not clearly say if it is CCP volunteers that is checked or ...2009.09.24 12:49:00
- Edited by: Avon on 23/09/2009 22:43:45 Let me just get this drama straight in my head:1/ People go ...2009.09.24 11:20:00
- We tested the launchers on a levi this weekend....even with the 200% bonuses the titan couldn't brea ...2009.09.22 21:48:00
- I got a problem with that the attacker is the one choosing all the engagements timezone. If the atta ...2009.09.17 09:20:00
- So... You've decided to make a ton of changes eh CCP? Might I add some tweaks to your idea's:Moros: ...2009.09.16 07:31:00
- Now we got 2 months of complete stop in mothership sales. You'r eagerness to tell have shafted all m ...2009.09.16 07:18:00
- Edited by: Xthril Ranger on 21/08/2009 13:13:17 I havent logged in to check. But doesnt a cargobay ...2009.08.21 11:43:00

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