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- Well, I guess EVE Mon could do that. Does that run on those devices? I think there's a mobile versio ...2011.07.05 21:02:00
- If someone could develop some sort of API based app that will let me update my skill queue from my i ...2011.07.05 17:23:00
- I wear my monocle on my japs-eye! ...2011.06.26 13:19:00
- Within a week of joining the corp I've been on lots of fleet missions, a huge mining op, into wormho ...2011.05.06 19:11:00
- Lots going on and fun times to be had. This is my 1st ever corp and no regrets whatsoever.Come say ...2011.05.05 07:57:00
- Is it possible to install both 32 and 64 bit version on different partitions as a dual-boot set-up?I ...2010.10.11 18:50:00
- How about letting me see who's got negative standing in my local window? How about letting me see my ...2010.10.01 21:20:00
- Edited by: Prime on 01/10/2010 19:51:21 CCP, Why is this optional?whynot just rollback the 1.1 patc ...2010.10.01 20:46:00
- the first rule of patchday is dont bother to speculate how short it will bethe second rule of patchd ...2010.09.30 21:29:00
- <3 the eve-o community - bunch of 12-16 year old children and 30-50 year old jobless virgins express ...2010.09.30 21:13:00
- Sunny Glasgow ...2010.08.12 22:17:00
- Thanks to all for the links and advice.Now I just need to present the case for needing a new laptop ...2010.08.11 18:13:00
- Thanks guys. Think I'll have to reconsider how much I'm willing to spend if I want to ply at anythi ...2010.08.10 23:28:00
- Hey,I'm going to be travelling a fair bit with work over the next few months and want to buy a cheap ...2010.08.10 22:59:00

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