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- Thanks Mr. Pops. Always a fun read. Although doesn't mean jack without PIE charts. ...2010.01.03 21:37:00
- MINC inches best inches ...2009.12.23 15:20:00
- Thats way better than the Nobel Peace Prize thanks! ...2009.12.23 01:35:00
- Of all the jagging off in our alliance you choose this to show we are fail?and you are actually spen ...2009.10.05 16:38:00
- These are bad things? ...2009.08.06 17:16:00
- Thanks...I have enjoyed all your articles.I especially enjoyed your article dealing with the ISS. My ...2009.08.06 14:36:00
- I will layer my bias over yours and maybe we can see some balance.renterprosno pos work no running ...2009.07.14 14:41:00
- To the OPI don't think you have any concept of how much playtime your leaders have givin up so you c ...2009.06.04 13:15:00
- Nice work! CCP needs to pay you for your efforts and burn this into the game. ...2007.03.05 03:24:00
- Edited by: Val Oman on 13/02/2007 20:32:25 I understand the reasoning behind not retroactivly punis ...2007.02.13 20:36:00
- Thanks...I feel alot better. You sound like you understand the importance of this role and the willi ...2007.02.13 19:47:00
- EvE is already a work of modern art...this will make it a Picasso...You have the coolest job in the ...2006.11.21 18:59:00
- DISCLAIMER: I love ganking, pirates, warp to 15km, mayham, podding, making people cry and puppies as ...2006.11.11 07:21:00
- Painful ship loss makes for good PvP and Politics. No change needed IMHO. ...2006.10.08 18:04:00

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