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- This is a bit more than a paper cut. But the rate at which military index levels are earned and or ...2011.02.11 15:40:00
- Something is wrong with Military Indexes. I just spent 4 hours doing anoms/ratting with friends and ...2011.02.11 14:23:00
- Elvis checking in ..... ...2011.01.19 13:46:00
- I have friends in flash and iphone game developement companies and trust me nobody would buy their ...2010.07.23 12:26:00
- So, it is not possible to have a setup like, "drop stuff from extractors to processors, store excess ...2010.07.21 19:54:00
- Let's say, for the sake of argument, they got rid of the stupid half-hour, 5-hour, 23-hour, 96-hour ...2010.07.15 19:12:00
- Edited by: Lemming King on 15/07/2010 18:55:28 Why are people still crying about an activity which ...2010.07.15 18:51:00
- I have 5 planets and 1 on an alt. To refresh the extractors it took me 8min.May I ask if you felt e ...2010.07.13 12:26:00
- Entirely too much mindless clicking for extractors IMO. As others have said, there is no thinking r ...2010.07.12 17:17:00
- Edited by: Lemming King on 06/10/2009 12:50:54 So the only thing that matters for yield is that the ...2009.10.06 12:49:00
- This contributes nothing useful to the discussion whatsoever. Many of your remarks are humorous, bu ...2009.02.09 18:12:00
- I've seen lots of concern that miners will not be able to keep up with demand if loot mins are reduc ...2009.02.04 21:17:00
- The debate around In-Game time versus RL time for earning isk only works if people have the opport ...2008.11.17 18:49:00
- Yeah, my CNR was invisible as well, had no problem seeing where it was due to the incoming NPC missi ...2008.11.13 18:54:00
- Ahh, your gonna make me wait til I can get logged into game to do my speadsheet work, no problem, I' ...2008.09.26 17:33:00

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