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- just canseled my 2 accounts as a result of reading this blog; nullsec development: design goals. ...2011.08.17 11:17:00
- ccp will loose more players form this then from nex rage, mark my words. ...2011.08.17 10:38:00
- well, im a carebear becouse i dont like the no rule pvp combat in eve.besides i allso want to relax ...2011.07.25 14:02:00
- got 2 caras, 1 primarely miner(25m sp) and 1 mission runner(20m sp) that wants a hisec home in eathe ...2011.07.23 11:58:00
- doubt it would matter to ccp if they are banned as moust likely 90% of them dont pay rl cash for the ...2011.06.25 07:22:00
- amarr cap at 1500. falling fast now. ...2011.06.24 20:31:00
- wtf is this ****!!!!! first they nerfs lara`s advantages and now you want the same in eve too????th ...2011.06.23 16:39:00
- Edited by: Raynohr on 23/06/2011 14:43:09 laptop intel core i3 370m, 2.4ghz geforece gt 335m vram ...2011.06.23 14:42:00
- op speaks atleast the for myslef i got a medicore laptop that has a gforce 335m card and on ...2011.06.22 15:36:00
- reason to why ppl hate is that its the first step on making this game into "world of eve" ...2011.06.22 15:19:00
- so got 2 caras that needs a home, 1 is mission runner, 2nd is indy, both 15m sp+corp must have careb ...2011.06.19 22:53:00
- /signednever liked the gall ships design. ...2011.06.19 22:36:00
- Makes EVE look exactly like EVE is supposed to if you ask me.+1the final showed us what eve realy is ...2011.06.19 22:33:00
- bring back the big ships.kinda boring to watch this round dominated by BCs. ...2011.06.19 22:26:00
- There's no place safe in EVE from metagaming, especially not the AT, which is a delicious viper's ne ...2011.06.19 22:22:00

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