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- Do we really want an inbred ****** post like this to be archived on the front page forever when thes ...2011.09.05 02:28:00
- Don't they have to design a similar role ship for the other three races as well? ...2011.09.04 00:51:00
- Edited by: Nemesis Factor on 31/08/2011 20:20:39 I'm going to say it's CCP's attitude toward Eve in ...2011.08.31 20:18:00
- Edited by: Nemesis Factor on 28/08/2011 08:31:02 I was thinking about adorning myself with the Stat ...2011.08.28 08:29:00
- Was this event supposed to promote Eve? ...2011.08.28 01:04:00
- The 'three times fast' question? I guess. Technically. ...2011.08.28 00:01:00
- Edited by: Nemesis Factor on 27/08/2011 04:40:53 Dunno, Henry. Seems to me a lot of posts in here a ...2011.08.27 04:39:00
- Edited by: Nemesis Factor on 25/08/2011 23:32:43 Ok I totally scrapped everything and started over. ...2011.08.25 23:23:00
- Thought the idea I posted a couple days ago went pretty well with some of your points.Nomadic Explor ...2011.08.15 19:51:00
- Edited by: Nemesis Factor on 15/08/2011 19:32:58 Just saw today's blog and thought their goals for ...2011.08.15 19:23:00
- Nope, this is my main. However the bomber is an alt, bred specifically for this purpose. ...2011.08.13 20:10:00
- Well that's what the ion trails are for. Even if a ship departed hours ago and is out of scan range ...2011.08.13 17:01:00
- I'm between corps and will be just go afk while at work during the week. Worst case scenario is I k ...2011.08.13 05:18:00
- I'm planning on setting up a stealth bomber and sitting in a botting system until they become acclim ...2011.08.13 04:08:00
- Reserved ...2011.08.13 03:19:00

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