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- Completely unrelated to info warfare discussion...I remember a time when the Eos was one of the most ...2011.04.17 06:12:00
- Theres really only like 5 months of training in the navigation section, might be best to ...2011.04.12 02:38:00
- (It basically requires maxing leaderships, planetology, social, AND trade skills, but who would need ...2011.04.01 06:25:00
- Shield Power Relay II Shield Power Relay II Shield Power Relay II Ballistic Control System II ...2011.04.01 06:17:00
- They probably just forgot to update the gate with the Noctis' ship type. ...2011.03.27 16:14:00
- I have been dabbling with Hulk invention and it seems to me that it is either broken or CCP have ner ...2011.03.26 04:09:00
- Edited by: L Gabriel on 24/03/2011 22:34:56 Edited by: L Gabriel on 24/03/2011 22:33:26 http://eve ...2011.03.26 00:18:00
- Smart StuffAnd if you really need to cut the weeks down a bit, I'm pretty sure you can fleet with so ...2011.03.24 21:47:00
- If it did it isn't anymore. I keep finding it merging my 4k item stacks into my 4 item stacks quite ...2011.03.12 15:37:00
- This could be a little OCD moment for me, but what happened recently to the stack all command?I just ...2011.03.12 14:42:00
- I support this product and or service. ...2011.02.23 05:36:00
- Hmm haven't posted anything this year, guess I'll join in. ...2011.02.22 04:55:00
- I'm going to assume this is hyperbole and not meant to be taken as fact. :PThere was a guy on the f ...2010.12.03 23:17:00
- Unless you're planning on using the t2 missiles or going into PvP where you can't afford to lose the ...2010.11.14 17:15:00
- I'll try and make it out to this one, if I'm not passed out.Also, added to the bounty. ...2010.11.05 22:24:00

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