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- it seems that Oliver Stieber (the person behind 'directxwine') is looking into it: "I'm still looki ...2005.10.14 19:09:00
- Using the latest wine cvs build, the log server doesnt show *any* important errors anymore while try ...2005.10.13 12:49:00
- I was curious. We have modules to upgrade our cargo hold, why dont we have modules to upgrade our dr ...2005.09.30 18:38:00
- Edited by: Spartan III on 28/09/2005 11:38:12 Hi, I am new to this game being 1 month old, and was ...2005.09.28 17:09:00
- Been awhile since posting here. Thing have changed, updates have been made to both my distro (Ubunt ...2005.09.27 20:27:00
- Edited by: iNs4ne on 27/09/2005 17:50:28 I'm interested to find out how the eve clusters hang toget ...2005.09.27 17:50:00
- I dont think there is any major difference, as most of the performance comes from the CPU/Graphics c ...2005.09.27 17:30:00
- The really question is: With a powerful Windows XP 64-bit x2 Dual-core Opteron system, how many e ...2005.09.26 13:19:00
- i think someone got pwned by a raven while using tracking disruptors... ...2005.09.21 17:14:00
- Edited by: Skidd Chung on 19/09/2005 22:25:01 Bump :DI joined NBSIA a few weeks back, and these are ...2005.09.21 14:04:00
- or you could try with a tracking comp II... ...2005.09.21 13:35:00
- Actually, I have found it can be2 RCU, 1x1600 plate, 1 thermal hardner, 1 med repper II and 2x Heat ...2005.09.21 11:12:00
- Edited by: Kldraina on 20/09/2005 22:21:39 I'm still not clear on why a Battleship would need an es ...2005.09.21 06:12:00
- Log in hangs at authenticating here... shows that 15 people are on the server...tried a few times in ...2005.09.21 05:52:00
- This is my maths only, as i dont fly a retrib...4x dual light beam II = 39/29.5AB II = 15/11Small ar ...2005.09.21 03:46:00

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