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- Aside from DPS ships, logistics ships are also in great demand. You typically will use 3 guardians ( ...2011.05.18 21:59:00
- I applaud the attempt by the original poster to fan the flames of internal dissent that could lead t ...2011.05.06 16:53:00
- ITS PEOPLE QUAFE ZER0 IS MADE OF PEOPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEI don't think it's made of people. M ...2011.05.06 16:32:00
- /me thinks Huzzah fail'd epically with this post, i mean seriously fit the damn salvager 1, mouse ov ...2011.04.28 03:29:00
- ... There is no issue with asymmetrical designs in space because there is no drag in space...and, t ...2011.04.26 21:34:00
- ... Not seeing why rattler not doable not missile based. LAsers will eat up your cap, jsut keep a r ...2011.04.25 05:28:00
- Also Gila. I love that brown-camo painted Moa variant. ...2011.04.24 08:03:00
- ...Should I assume that as there is an unprobable version, I can not boost whilst cloaked? ... Yo ...2011.04.24 08:01:00
- ... they also need like 50% more hull HP, so that I can pack my boom boxes and some loudspeakers. ...2011.04.21 13:23:00
- Just... walk away. Either course of action would not be helpful. The only real resolution to the cur ...2011.04.21 12:42:00
- It is important to remember the lives that were snuffed out by the Federation in this tragedy and ho ...2011.04.21 12:24:00
- The events of that day in Malkalen, including the death of Monsieur Gariushi, were a great tragedy. ...2011.04.21 12:05:00
- Confirming that it's only the cargo hold, and not the ship maintenance bay nor the corporate hangars ...2011.03.27 15:55:00
- If you have a fit then I am all ears but it must run at least 8 warfare links.Considering that no sh ...2011.03.27 05:30:00
- I really ought to try out a Myrmidon with autocannons someday soon.But the Myrm is a bit of an anoma ...2011.03.24 03:43:00

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