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- And ammo with tracking benefits does crappy damage.well it depends. mid-range ammo does provide a ve ...2011.08.09 18:05:00
- Are these numbers correct? I acknowledge that the resist bonus will probably be stacking penalized ...2011.08.07 18:56:00
- Hmmm I wonder what a set of Nomads would do for a Proteus? You can get it up to quite a decent spe ...2011.07.25 13:50:00
- This made me lul. But i was gonna use the standard setup, Augmented Plating, Friction Extension Pr ...2011.07.25 06:06:00
- Is that the only reason why people don't use em? Cause of blasters?People use them. People don't use ...2011.07.24 20:30:00
- Thanks for all the great replies people. I'm surprised to see such support for scouting, I think if ...2011.07.24 12:36:00
- Haven't tested gangmods yet, but ordinary bonuses applied normally during a short roam. Will take a ...2011.01.20 18:07:00
- 1. Arma with all the variations 2. Mael 3. VindiI'd put Mach at 3rd, but it's too huge when into t ...2010.10.15 09:19:00
- Can someone make IT stop, really? This thread has 3 more pages than it needed ...2010.10.07 10:05:00
- It's pretty straitforward:You have base boost value. Say 2%. Then you have *name* Warfare Specialis ...2010.10.07 10:03:00
- Edited by: Kaileen Starsong on 26/09/2010 08:49:30 Oh why so many? And why is Hail that bad? I can ...2010.09.26 08:47:00
- Btw the op fit is really the only real cane fit regardless of nitpicking. If you want to go arty get ...2010.09.25 06:44:00
- I'm pretty sure the vigilant does the DPS of an astarte, rather than a diemost. That on its own woul ...2010.09.08 03:11:00
- I was like.. "u drunk"? But then I got to bottom line ...2010.09.07 10:00:00
- Edited by: Kaileen Starsong on 05/09/2010 18:32:17 I am ignoring the possibility of assigning someo ...2010.09.05 18:31:00

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