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- Prodical player returning after a three year torrid affair with <that other game with gnomes and elv ...2011.03.15 18:05:00
- The rule was made to avoid alt posts - many people were putting their alts into alt corps just to po ...2009.07.10 20:07:00
- I've all but lost the passion to log in anymore - even to change skills 5 years, 4 months and done ...2008.08.22 20:02:00
- another link ...2008.08.17 09:57:00
- Ludicrous speed ...2008.08.16 14:46:00
- People who really quit don't jump on the forums to make a song and dance about it, they just quit. ...2008.08.13 23:48:00
- it would be cool to just sit down in a bar and play some eve chessit would be even better if you cou ...2008.08.13 08:40:00
- i read some of the chat in the images from the GM and it's absolutely filthyi'm glad the GM's here a ...2008.08.12 00:10:00
- August 20, 1942 August 10, 2008Thanks for the music and laughter you brought to our lives ...2008.08.10 22:03:00
- I don't plan to die, i plan to euthanise ...2008.08.09 01:47:00
- September 18th, worldwide launch ...2008.08.07 20:53:00
- Planatary Flight, Interbus, the Jovians??These are all big projects which we were teased with at som ...2008.08.07 00:30:00
- Great thread! Would read again! ...2008.08.06 23:37:00
- What's wrong with it though?The point Akita is making is risk vs reward is BROKEN in empire space. ...2008.08.06 23:09:00
- If you take your gaming seriously you will want to find a monitor with a low response time from 1ms ...2008.08.01 09:02:00

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