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- 45mil sp pilot in the metro area of the republic looking for corp, i am leaving 0.0 and would like t ...2010.12.06 08:56:00
- how about you just make a slot and name it bank2343 then just give it money, it works ...2010.10.15 02:26:00
- I just have to say Spy game is fine and dandy, but if your using it to push the next expansion wtf d ...2010.09.05 02:43:00
- copy/past everyone***** your self out for some GM love or what ...2010.06.16 08:37:00
- vary nice ...2010.06.08 05:55:00
- i want to point out to people that when i die in a ship i dont worry about buying the hull since i ...2010.03.15 07:28:00
- i really do think ccp is just doing this to stop people from pvping. if we all lived in empire and d ...2010.03.15 07:09:00
- Edited by: NSSQUAD on 15/03/2010 19:01:44 Edited by: NSSQUAD on 15/03/2010 18:56:17 I have found s ...2010.03.15 00:12:00
- manticore. **** people off by just being around or drop a bomb and let them feel the love. ...2010.02.17 21:34:00
- Edited by: NSSQUAD on 11/02/2010 21:15:11 I have started a new corp named Sanmina-SCI Corporation a ...2010.02.11 20:24:00
- I'm not going to put a wall of text in front of you. I want some people who want to run missions min ...2010.02.08 23:44:00
- bump ...2010.02.07 17:57:00
- I have started a corp that lives in the metropolis region. looking for all races pvp industry and mi ...2010.02.07 05:45:00
- anyone wanna join a corp living in the metro area /PVP/missons industry *convo me* ...2010.02.06 18:42:00
- bump...join ...2010.02.04 23:49:00

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