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- Edited by: Satis Iqulenax on 23/08/2009 14:57:48 ok, well been trying that, the setup went beautifu ...2009.06.06 03:39:00
- Is it possible from API to get more then last 25?Hi KillSome. yes it's possible to go further back ...2009.06.04 20:10:00
- i have a small problem i try everything but nothing.. i make install on my mac zend studio and zend ...2009.05.17 14:04:00
- Edited by: Matrix Lady on 14/05/2009 20:49:04 know THAT BECOME embarrassing to ask but I am a new t ...2009.05.14 21:54:00
- Make sure you have deleted all plans for that character. another way around, is to disable "keep pl ...2009.05.14 21:43:00
- Okay found s small bug in the logo generator that did not use the backup images that was created in ...2009.05.14 16:58:00
- Hi all.I just need to clarify what the api error code is if the user account is disabled?I'm needing ...2009.05.09 11:50:00
- Hey guys...Ive got a bit of a problem with the SVN ive downloaded. The password field is not provide ...2009.05.09 01:23:00
- Hi Dragonaire,Your early comments refer to a yapeal.sql file that doesn't exist .Followed your InsYa ...2009.05.08 10:51:00
- Okay after having a look over in the code (and fixed some tiny bugs Dragonaire made :P) I found som ...2009.05.02 05:27:00
- so i have to make a copy of the whole eve file to do this?? i downloaded evemover but for some reaso ...2009.04.22 15:55:00
- Edited by: Satis Iqulenax on 20/04/2009 21:28:06 Make a copy of your eve install and rename it to e ...2009.04.20 21:27:00
- Okay NM my last post.We have just released our new release. There is nothing new in the API of Yape ...2009.04.20 19:10:00
- Following the steps here: get to "setup.php?insta ...2009.04.20 15:53:00
- I'm pretty sure that they have removed most of it, since they have released an image dump. you can ...2009.04.17 23:41:00

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