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- Edited by: Juliette DuBois on 31/07/2011 15:16:07 For those worried about numbers: WiS expansion + ...2011.07.31 15:15:00
- From what I`ve understood, some people in CCP have such an attitude that just about any negative thi ...2011.07.31 15:09:00
- Edited by: Juliette DuBois on 26/07/2011 09:15:02 Welcome back. Since you have been gone CCP has a ...2011.07.26 08:51:00
- For OP, PVP in EVE is utter ****. It consists of shooting structures for vast amounts of time, waiti ...2011.07.25 09:06:00
- Giving blackops an anti-supercapital role is a stupid idea. You do not solve their problem of a lack ...2011.07.19 15:23:00
- Edited by: Juliette DuBois on 19/07/2011 10:00:28 Edited by: Robert Caldera on 11/07/2011 13:56:41n ...2011.07.19 09:59:00
- Don`t punish the poor workers, meals needs to be delivered in time. :| ...2011.07.19 07:28:00
- also people fail to realize that even if you buy you aurum with the isk>plex>aur setup somebody had ...2011.07.17 11:28:00
- You do realize EVE started from a tiny user base as well? Every time someone goes and slags on Perpe ...2011.07.17 11:12:00
- Eve is designed as an ecosystem. Nullsec is gradually becoming for Predators Only. This is bad.Basic ...2011.07.16 01:32:00
- I honestly can`t list just 2 biggest mistakes, there are at least 5+ big issues.Starting right from ...2011.07.16 00:52:00
- Dreads would need a freaking massive DPS boost to be a real threat to a supercap blob without necess ...2011.07.15 00:09:00
- I don`t think they sell them openly. You`d have to make a private offer. ...2011.07.14 17:11:00
- Companies make changes to their operations every 3 months. So effectively their promises don`t carry ...2011.07.13 12:41:00
- Once SC get rebalanced those supercap alts move to titans. This is already happening because many of ...2011.07.13 03:06:00

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