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- When you open the character screen you have to wait for what seems like an age while it gently 'type ...2009.09.06 12:27:00
- It's a legacy workaround which shouldn't be necessary. A suggested replacement is a session-change ...2009.09.06 12:15:00
- *bump*gonna post this in the csm hall thingy ...2009.09.06 10:09:00
- Oh they would, cause its 'easier' to put in time delays, than to actually find and understand what t ...2009.09.05 14:22:00
- LinkageThere you go. I already scooped a co ...2009.08.31 20:21:00
- "splash.bmp failed a crc check. please re-download 2.2gigs of game so you can correctly view the spl ...2009.08.31 18:41:00
- Move all Level 3 missions out to lowsec and all Level 4 and Level 5 (rofl) missions out to 0.0. ...2009.04.17 16:59:00
- Why CCP insists on setting it's incompetent monkeys on making custom versions of stuff is a mystery. ...2009.04.16 18:30:00
- I got bored reading the OP after a couple of paragraphs and would be disappointed to think whatever ...2009.03.10 20:54:00
- imma support this, even tho it's contrary to CCP's official line of "why have a UI feature available ...2009.03.10 20:47:00
- reply and bump and support even tho daveydweeb is terrible ...2009.03.10 20:43:00
- Now why do I suspect there is more to this thread than meets the eye? Could it be the very hig ...2009.03.10 18:58:00
- Also, would like to see old fiting window as new one is 100% useless and is not as informative as th ...2009.03.10 17:46:00
- The forums moderators are inconsistent and present an image of bias against certain individuals due ...2009.03.09 18:04:00
- Restoring your sec status is boring, tedious and requires a lot of time and effort.It is like this b ...2009.03.05 08:06:00

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