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- 570 million isk put into this, 20 bids later I won not a thing. I am well aware that there will be s ...2010.11.25 13:49:00
- Stop ragging on Lemon. He was just having fun contributing his thoughts to the EVE forum in a creati ...2010.01.10 17:23:00
- Yep, armor tank the hell out of the Raven. ...2010.01.05 04:51:00
- It is VERY capable of doing all you listed (not sure about lv 5 tho). I fly the Absolution and its s ...2010.01.05 02:24:00
- Train Diplomacy. If you have none right now, level 4 will raise your -1.46 to 0.37.Find someone with ...2010.01.03 23:13:00
- Edited by: OldWolfe on 03/01/2010 17:44:06 I've been doing lv 4 missions for Gallente since 2006 an ...2010.01.03 17:06:00
- Anyone who says or rather assumes that Astarte can't do jack crap in a lv 4 mission are completely w ...2010.01.03 17:00:00
- I'm an Astarte and Absolution command ship pilot and I have been flying the Astarte in lv 4 missions ...2010.01.03 02:19:00
- Which is why there was no point in telling us it was fixed until THEY finally take a look at why we' ...2009.11.27 18:43:00
- That should teach you to double check instead of taking their words at face value. ...2009.11.27 17:27:00
- Still not fixed even after I reported it. ...2009.11.27 15:00:00
- Edited by: OldWolfe on 23/11/2009 01:11:05 Yep, they have the EULA petition system to use. It's qui ...2009.11.23 01:11:00
- Feel free to contribute a flipped finger birdie if that's the only thing you're capable of putting o ...2009.11.11 05:46:00
-'d love if it would be possible...Ah, great mind t ...2009.11.10 19:28:00
-'d love if it would be possible...Ah, great mind t ...2009.11.09 09:18:00

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