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- Fantastic Site, love the games and can confirm recived The Machariel prize (isk equivlent in my case ...2011.08.30 13:57:00
- bump ...2011.08.30 12:50:00
- we were for a while making all the top tier stuff over 10 planets, but it involved switching our adv ...2011.08.30 11:19:00
- same would be nice for a lot of things in eve, like unlock / lock votes on corp bpo`s, creating mult ...2011.08.26 20:37:00
- Edited by: Kelmor Malbeth on 18/08/2011 09:47:32 2.1m Isk for a 27k M3 can is not a bad deal. When ...2011.08.18 09:36:00
- 1st run of copies received, Happy with service so far. Thank you ...2011.08.16 08:47:00
- ok, to answer some of your questions..."I have 12 accounts - all plex and all fly hulks.."we have ha ...2011.08.06 12:22:00
- just a note to say i have taken out shares in this project, and will update on progres. ...2011.08.04 19:05:00
- Just a Quick Update, have had several op`s now, and those that have attended seem to be happy with t ...2011.07.29 18:48:00
- ...Both parties can benefit if its done right.I am curious, are you selling the Ore to the market, o ...2011.07.05 16:32:00
- basiclly hes settin this up to benefit him self as they buy the ore and then build with it for a bet ...2011.07.05 12:20:00
- Edited by: Kelmor Malbeth on 16/08/2011 14:46:36 Reserved for FAQsQ. How do I know this isn't a Sca ...2011.07.04 22:59:00
- Hi, we are running regular open mining operations in the Genesis Region, they take place in High ...2011.07.04 22:57:00
- Great Atmosphere. Always someone to chat to either in alliance or on vent, be it advice or just ra ...2008.09.09 14:27:00
- Courier missions dont give squat. Isk, LP or standing...Average Kill mission gives 10x what a courie ...2008.06.11 11:44:00

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