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- Good luck to you op -IMHO you've figured Eve out already! May all your kills drop shiny loot ...2011.09.01 06:55:00
- I was in the game for over a year before I started training for battleships and I actually trained l ...2011.08.25 05:48:00
- Sometimes I get so frustrated finding grav sites I almost feel like paying miners to mine them away. ...2011.08.24 06:52:00
- Edited by: Dorn Val on 17/08/2011 07:13:01 If we're talking about nomadic lifestyle, perhaps we cou ...2011.08.17 06:57:00
- LOL! Excellent read! ...2011.08.09 12:35:00
- Edited by: Dorn Val on 29/07/2011 12:00:46 After one too many I thought it would be cool to act as ...2011.07.29 12:00:00
- Excellent read -thanks for the post!Regards, Dorn ...2011.07.19 05:51:00
- Really appreciate the quality of your work! ...2011.07.17 21:02:00
- Props to the 7 day old noob for engaging and actually playing eve. ...2011.07.06 07:54:00
- Currently the avatar (when I have the station environment enabled, which isn't often) gets in the wa ...2011.07.01 07:31:00
- X -turned off for all of my accounts. ...2011.07.01 07:26:00
- Personally, I'd go for a Falcon to lock him down (Minmatar ships are weak to ECM), and have all the ...2011.06.30 06:38:00
- SP for AUR isn't pay2win! ...but if you start a noob character and then are able to pay to max ...2011.06.29 07:20:00
- I'm still scanning with 5 probes in a "plus sign" configuration (one probe centered over the signal ...2011.06.29 06:11:00
- You just made my day VP -thanks! ...2011.06.27 08:03:00

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